Communication is of great importance in a business.

There are many moments in the day when speaking and explaining go on. If, during these conversations, there is a “muddle” in the form of miscommunication, it can lead to unfortunate consequences.  These can be minor, for example asking for the wrong days for your holiday, so that irritation can occur on both sides.  But there can be far greater misunderstandings with far-reaching consequences.   For instance not following the safety instructions.  So choose for clear and plain language on the workfloor.

Taal op het Werk® draws up an inventory of the language-moments which you will face on the workfloor.  In this way we can offer a tailor-made language lesson.  Preferably immediately after or during working hours making it easy for the employee to be present.
Continuous tests take place so that progress can easily be seen by all parties involved.


Motivating and developing your employees through training
Together with several ROC’s, Taal op het Werk® can offer your personnel tailor-made language and business training courses.  During this training, attention is paid not only to the language, but we also work hard at improving job competence.  Consider for instance co-operation, independence, following instructions, safety, etc.
The training ends with a legally-recognised MBO-diploma.

    The range of advantages

     - Training by means of ‘training on the job’
     - Nationally-recognized MBO diploma
     - Everything made to measure
     - In-company