Make sure that you now select the right language institute!  Taal op het Werk® organizes acclimatization courses for many municipalities in the Randstad.  In a different and specific way.  We believe that work and language can go hand in hand.  The reason to be actively occupied with both.  And you get results twice as fast in an inspiring learning-environment.

At Taal op het Werk® you will not come across large, full classrooms.  We believe that you will have a better chance of acclimatizing if you are part of a small group of co-students with whom you feel comfortable.  That is your departure-point to the outside world.  You will then be able to cope better with the world (or, in this case, the Netherlands).

You can set your mind at rest and leave the whole project of acclimatization to us.

    The advantages of Taal op het Werk®
    set out for you:

     - Professional, qualified and certified teachers
     - First-class and motivating atmosphere
     - Individual tuition
     - Outstanding contact with many excellent
       employers in the area
     -Tuition from A to Z during the entire project    
     - Admissions interview can take place at our
       office as well as in your own home