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We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Actually, our name says exactly who we are and what we do: For Language at Work ® is both the language and the central point.

The necessity to be able to speak, reading and write good dutch becoming increasingly. Employers are showing more and more that they prefer taking on employees who are able to speak the national language well.

The chances of success for newcomers in the Netherlands are far greater if they are prepared to study Dutch. This is a quick way of putting down roots in society. Not only at work, but things will certainly be a lot easier when joining in everyday activities in the neighbourhood, in clubs and societies etc.!

Acclimatization starts with us immediately on arrival in the Netherlands.

It’s never too late to start with good language training. The correct first step has already been made, and you’re at the right address with us!


There are many moments in the day when speaking and explaining go on. If, during these conversations, there is a “muddle” in the form of miscommunication, it can lead to unfortunate consequences.

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Make sure that you now select the right language institute!  Taal op het Werk® organizes acclimatization courses for many municipalities in the Randstad.  In a different and specific way.  We believe that work and language can go hand in hand.

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